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To support Candidate safety and uphold organisational standards, it is imperative that the Candidate agrees to accept the Terms & Conditions outlined in this document. Registering online as a Candidate, which requires a tick box agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, and accepting any booking or placement, constitutes immediate acceptance of the Terms & Conditions listed.

If you enter into this Agreement, you do so as a self-employed contractor who provides Babysitting & Nanny Services to TLC Sitters. In doing this, you agree you are conducting or undertaking your own business, and you are not an employee of TLC Sitters.

Please read these terms carefully. They include information about your responsibilities and how you and TLC Sitters may change or end the Agreement. There’s also information about insurance and liability.

1.0 Contract

1.1 The below Terms & Conditions are a legal binding agreement between you as a Candidate, and TLC Sitters as the agency.

2.0 Nanny/Babysitter Candidate Requirements

2.1 The Candidate must hold a current ABN, Blue Card, First Aid & CPR Certificate before children are placed in their care.

3.0 Candidate Bookings

3.1 The Candidate may not enter into a private arrangement with any Clients that they have been introduced to via TLC Sitters. Should this be discovered, fees will apply to both the Candidate and the Client, and both parties will be removed from TLC Sitters services. The Candidate will not be covered by insurance unless the booking has been placed through TLC Sitter's booking form.

3.2 The babysitter Candidate must contact the family within 24 hours (or sooner in the case of an emergency booking) of accepting a booking to introduce themselves, and confirm start and finish time, address/location and directions as required.

3.3 The Candidate must turn up to the booking before the start time.

3.4 The babysitter Candidate must agree to fulfil any accepted bookings, unless in the case of an emergency.

3.5 The babysitter Candidate must give appropriate due notice in the event they can’t fulfil a booking (within 24 hours).

3.6 The babysitter Candidate agrees that care must take place on the agreed premises only, unless express permission is granted from the Client (for example taking child on an outing to the park).

4.0 Payments

4.1 Rates are set by TLC Sitters and are not to be negotiated by the babysitting Candidate. Please refer to for current rates. Candidates must confirm with the Client the hourly rate to be paid at the start of the booking (minimum of 3 hours).

4.2 Payments are to be made direct between the Client & the Candidate, and are to be paid before the start of the booking.

4.3 In the situation, where there is a dispute regarding payment, it’s the responsibility of the Candidate to use their own discretion and judgement to resolve the issue. To help minimise any incidents, TLC Sitter’s Terms of Service stipulate the payment to be finalised before the start of the booking.

5.0 Job Requirements

5.1 Candidates agree that during their shift, that they have sole responsibility of the TLC Sitters Client’s children – under NO circumstances can the Candidate leave the child alone or unattended.

5.2 Candidates must always respect the TLC Sitters Client property and privacy and leave the environment as they found it, except where the Candidate tidies/cleans up as appropriate.

5.3 Candidates are not permitted to use the Client’s private phone unless in the case of an emergency.

5.4 Candidates must appropriately engage with the children in their care and refrain from using their personal phone, unless in the case of emergency.

6.0 Candidate Safety Guidelines

6.1 On arrival at your placement, the Candidate must be clear and comfortable with any Client requests.

6.2 Safety of our Candidates is of high importance to TLC Sitters. It is important to TLC Sitters that the Candidate always feels safe and secure. In the unlikely event that the Candidate feels threatened or unsafe while attending a booking/placement, please contact relevant authorities immediately for support.

6.3 Candidates are advised to have the TLC Sitters number 0422 356 211 programmed into their phone, in case they need to call during the booking, or in the case of an emergency.

6.4 Candidates are advised to let a friend or relative know exactly where they are, what they are doing, and what time they are expected back.

7.0 Cancellation of Booking - by a Candidate

7.1 If the Candidate needs to cancel a job that they had accepted, the Candidate must advise TLC Sitters no later than 48 hours before the job is due, allowing TLC Sitters time to find a replacement Candidate.

7.2 If the Candidate cancels within 24 hours of the job commencement time, the Candidate is required to call both TLC Sitters and the Client directly. This call to the Client is out of courtesy.

7.3 If the Candidate has confirmed a babysitting booking, they are responsible to uphold their commitment to the Client and to TLC Sitters. This is important for the reputation of the service provided by TLC Sitters, and the rest of the TLC Sitters team.

8.0 Liability

8.1 TLC Sitters acts as an agent for the Client, not as an employer of the Candidate. Therefore, TLC Sitters accepts no liability or responsibility for accident, injury, loss, damage, or misconduct sustained by Candidate, Clients or any other persons. By working as a Nanny/Babysitter through TLC Sitters, the Candidate agrees to exclude the TLC Sitters agency should any mishap occur.

9.0 Confidentiality

9.1 All communication between both parties (TLC Sitters & Candidates) shall remain confidential.

9.2 TLC Sitters require the Candidate to provide accurate details of their address, contact details and full name.

9.3 TLC Sitters will release account and other personal information only when the above release is appropriate for the function of the website, to comply with the law; enforcement of our Terms and Conditions; or protect the rights, property, or safety of TLC Sitters Group, our users, or others.

9.4 The Candidate is aware that TLC Sitters reserves the right to check social media profiles, and where content is deemed inappropriate and doesn’t reflect TLC Sitters values, TLC Sitters reserves the right to suspend the Candidate from services.

9.5 Where a dispute arises between the Candidate/Client/TLC Sitters the Candidate is to refrain from contacting the Client. All communication regarding a dispute is to remain between the Candidates and TLC Sitters only.

9.6 All communication between the parties (Agency/Client/Candidate) shall remain confidential.

9.7 A Candidate shall respect the property and the privacy of the Client at all times. In no circumstances can a Candidate photograph the children or the property of the Client without parental consent, post information or photographs on social media, or share any information to a third party, pertaining to the Client.

9.8 However, TLC Sitters authorises the Candidate to tell a family member or friend where she/he will be, the expected return time, and address of the babysitting booking. This is a simple safety measure for the Candidate.

10.0 Insurance Requirements

10.1 Candidates will be covered by TLC Sitters insurance, only when on jobs that have been booked through the TLC Sitters booking form.

11.0 Tax

11.1 Tax obligations - TLC Sitters is a Babysitting Agency (not your employer). The Candidate is responsible for paying any tax obligations on babysitting bookings. TLC Sitters advises all Candidates to contact ATO to understand their tax obligations – visit

11.2 For your workers’ compensation insurance, you acknowledge and agree that: (i) you are self-employed and you are not an employee or deemed worker of TLC Sitters for the purposes of applicable Law; and (ii)accordingly, TLC Sitters is not required to maintain or provide you with workers' compensation insurance or any other occupational injury insurance.

12.0 Safe and Healthy Work Environment

12.1 The candidate is required to take all reasonable steps in the course of their contracted work, to ensure their own safety and the safety of others.

12.2 The Candidate agrees to fully co-operate with the clients and TLC Sitters in implementing health and safety practices.

12.3 All hazards identified by the candidate in the workplace are to be brought to the attention of the client and/or TLC Sitters as soon as practicable so that remedial action may be taken as appropriate.

12.4 The Candidate is required to report all illnesses/accidents/injuries and near-misses that occur, arising out of or in the course of their contracted work, to the Client and/or TLC Sitters as soon as is reasonably practicable.

12.5 TLC Sitters values transparency and honesty with our Clients and Candidates regarding Health and Safety.

12.6 a. If a Candidate is required to administer medicine. The medicine has to be correctly prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner (doctors qualification or higher); and

12.6 b. a written set of instructions provided by a parent or legal guardian detailing the method, time, dosage and any other relevant procedures in relation to the administration of such medicine are followed precisely.

13.0 Termination

13.1 TLC Sitters may cancel the Candidate registration for any breach of serious misconduct i.e. not turning up to a booking, sleeping on the job, any form of disrespect or abuse to the child(ren) or Client property, or failure to abide by Terms & Conditions.

13.2 The Candidate may terminate their contract with TLC Sitters, by providing written notice to inform them that they no longer wish to be a subcontractor for TLC Sitters.